Religion Tattoo with Ashes

As a tattooartist you tattoo designs without emotion. Just creating a clean design and eventually a crisp tattoo.

Life and Love

But there are days somebody walks in the shop with a very emotional story. Something you will remember. A moment what will make you think about life and love.

This time a guy of my age walked in with a hand drawn design and a plastic bag, I noticed his voice was emotional and felt he needed extra attention.

my father died, here are his ashes

I gave him a cup of coffee and let him sit. He started to cry and told me the story about his lost. His dad passed away. But not only his dad, more his lifetime friend, his coach, his mentor.

He handed me a bag with ashes. “Please can you make a tattoo with my fathers ashes so he can be with me foreever? “

It is not common for me to do this. Actually, for all kinds of health reasons there are enough reasons not to do this.
But in this case, with help from my colleaqe, we decided to help him out.

He wanted a specific cross with rosebeads and a little cross hanging near his wrist. In that part the ashes had to put in.

I drew this design and by every poke of the needle you felt him feeling proud and getting stronger. The moment the ashes got in, we played his fathers favorite music. He cried. It was an breathtaking moment. But after the tattoo was done you felt the relief.

These are the moments you realize how much a tattoo can mean something for somebody. A beatifull moment. I am proud to be a part of it.

Tattoo done by Max Rodrigues. Shop Panthers and Roses. Religion tattoo with ashes.

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