Tattooing on Coventions

2018 was the first year I started to tattoo on conventions.
I never thought people where waiting for an artist like me. There is so much choice, so many styles and artist from all over the world.
But I was wrong. Within 5 minutes of opening I was was fully booked. And during the day I got more and more appointments.

Why didn’t I do this before?

The Amsterdam Tattoo Convention in the Rai was a absolute madhouse. My stand was customized and I made shure I stood out. Prices where affordable and fair. And again within a couple of hours the appointment book was filled. So proud.

I met fantastic artist from all over the world. At the end I teamed up with KingCat. As a reminder of these days we decided to tattoo eachoter. Gappie (what means friend in Dutch) on his leg, and he tattoo’d “Why so Serious” in his freehand style.

Beside all artist I got to know, I met many new clients from all over the world. One of the most memorable tattoo I did was the one on a fully tattood Japanese guy who wanted the word “Wiet” (weed) in Dutch on his ribcage. Hidden under his arm because drug related items are strictly forbidden in his country. But I never seen a guy in so much pain. His body was allready covered but tears rolled over his cheeks when the needle entered his skin. Probably to much to drink, no sleep and lots of weed!

please shave!

The other memorable moment was the girl who wanted a tattoo on her pussy. She didn’t care everybody was watching. Legs open and lots of public staring between her legs. I did not know if I had to feel unfomfortabel or had to love the attention and live in the moment.
Tip for girls; if you want to get your privates tattood, please shave 😉

3 day’s later the tattoofair ended. Even after closingtime I still was busy to finish my endless row of new clients. It was a blast.

See you in 2021

I wanted to thank the promoters from the Amsterdam Tattoo Convention for posting and promoting me. I am looking foreward for the next time. Allthough the convention 2020 is postponed, we will see eachother in 2021.

so you know; the pictures are taken by Elise van Kreuningen.

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